Looking for no strings dating?

These days, more and more people are turning to the internet to find a partner for no strings dating. Presumably that’s why you’re here.. Well good news! There are now many, many sites dedicated to hooking you up with a willing partner for no strings dating.

We have found the best sites for you, if you know what you’re doing and want to find a partner immediately then our picks of the bunch are HERE and HERE .  If you are new to the online dating game or would like some tips and advice, read on..

 The benefits of no strings dating

No strings datingThe beauty of finding a partner online is that you neatly sidestep the awkward and uncertain process of finding someone attractive, chatting them up and buying them a drink or two in the hope you’ll get on and they will want to go home with you.

Dating sites allow you to find people that you KNOW are horny and are looking for casual sex. It breaks down a lot of the barriers that  people put up in a face to face situation. Not only that but instead of only having the limited choice of the people in your immediate vicinity, you have literally thousands of horny girls and guys, ready and willing to have some fun.

We’ve all been there- maybe you meet someone at a bar and you end up sleeping together, it’s fun but the next thing you know they want more, maybe you don’t. Feelings are hurt and things can get very difficult. Meeting someone online is different, you both state what you’re looking for right from the start so you’re free to just have fun.

There are, however certain things you should take into account in order to get the most out of no strings dating sites. Here is what we have learned from our experiences:

Staying safe

The majority of people looking for fun online are just like you.. they want to meet horny partners for sex with no strings attached. However, you should be careful when approaching someone for the first time. If possible chat to them for a while first, most sites use chatrooms and have video chat options. Use your intuition, if someone seems like a creep you don’t have to meet them.

When you DO meet someone for the first time, arrange to meet in a public place. A bar is the obvious place and it’s usually good to chat a bit first and break the ice over a couple of drinks.

How to approach people

You will probably find someone you’d like to meet very quickly, there’s a lot of horny guys and girls out there.. So that means you will have to approach them, begin with a message and see if they will chat with you. There is definitely an art to this.Some people tend to act like they’re God’s gift to the opposite sex or talk as if they are in the opening scenes of a low budget porno. Avoid this kind of approach, the attractive members of no strings dating sites get a lot of messages and that sort of chat gets old quickly.

Just be yourself, be polite and respectful and you will be just fine. Things will probably get dirty quickly and that’s fine. Just don’t try to be something you’re not.

 Which site should I join?

There are so many no strings dating sites out there, it can be hard to know which one to sign up with.. We would recommend signing up for at least a couple…  Here are the sites we have personally found to be the best.

Best for all round dirty fun:

You have probably heard of adult friend finder before.. It is the biggest no strings dating site in the world! With tens of thousands of members, you’re sure to find someone you fancy!

iHookup is less well known but is making waves in the online dating community thanks to its many horny members.

Both sites are free to join.

Best fetish dating site:

For anyone looking for something a bit less vanilla XXX Blackbook is THE site! It’s not free but the service is a cut above other fetish dating sites.

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